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Our vision

Childcare the Stoerwoud offers a healthy, green environment in which children grow, develop, feel safe and, above all, are allowed to have fun. Outdoor play, fresh air and nature have a positive effect on children's health and well-being.

We believe it is important that sustainability and awareness for our environment are a natural part of life. This is how we care for children now and in the future.

We aim to create a stimulating environment for each child to develop into a unique individual. Central to this is our beautiful nature garden as a meeting and cooperative playground, where children can experience, wonder, get lost and discover to their heart’s content.

We offer a safe and familiar place for the children and their parents. A permanent team of warm and committed pedagogical staff is of course indispensable for this. In this way, we ensure a climate in which children feel at home and secure, so that they can develop uninhibitedly.

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Green and

A permanent
team with committed employees

We have a close-knit, committed and loyal team that we are very proud of. The Stoerwoud pedagogical staff are basically in fixed groups. But we all work together, help each other and are always in contact. So our pedagogical staff know all the children and vice versa. In this way, our staff provide a stable basis in their own group, but can also help out in other groups if necessary.

Besides the permanent staff in the groups, we also work with a music teacher, exercise therapist and have an internal pedagogical coach.

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Attention to
the future

Teaching company

Besides room for the children’s development, the Stoerwoud also pays a lot of attention to the development of our current and future pedagogical staff. We always have trainees in our team; we like to offer them the opportunity to learn in practice. In addition, training trainees also keeps our own staff members on their toes. Pedagogy is always evolving. Therefore, at the Stoerwoud, we believe that we should be too. We continue to develop our pedagogical knowledge through child-oriented training courses, in-depth courses and workshops.

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Care for
the environment


At the Stoerwoud, we find it important to make sustainability a natural part of our actions. We make conscious choices and set an example for the children. For instance, we separate our waste, watch out for waste, buy sustainable products wherever possible and are energy-conscious. Activities with children are also based on sustainable thinking. We recycle materials as much as possible and exercise activities are a big part of our programme. With our activities, commitment and knowledge, we connect children with nature. This is how we build a healthy future for future generations.


We believe it is important to teach children to have fun, set boundaries, have self-confidence but also to listen to others and feel compassion for others. We have a positive outlook on life.

We base our pedagogical actions on six interaction skills:

  • Sensitive responsiveness

    We pay attention to children’s signals and what concerns them. We do this, for example, by sitting on the floor (eye level) with the children and regularly asking them for their opinions. We also maintain warm contact with parents to form as complete a picture as possible.

  • Respect for the child's autonomy

    We offer all children space to be themselves. Thus, a child is allowed to have its own (autonomous) emotions. We naturally strive for happy and joyful children, but feel that they are also allowed to be angry or sad.

  • Structure and boundaries

    We offer structure and continuity. For example, we have a fixed daily rhythm and permanent staff. We name rules and agreements in the group and explain why we have them. We convey important values and norms to the children by setting a good example.

  • Talking and explaining

    We continuously use situations to engage in conversation with the children. We explain what we do and why. We name what the children see and do. We regularly read to the children interactively.

  • Development stimulation

    We stimulate development in different ways. For example, we ask out loud how something works, or why something goes a certain way. We also encourage the children to do things themselves whenever possible.

  • Supervising (positive) interactions between children

    We ensure that children feel safe and secure with each other. We notice interactions between children and respond positively to (spontaneous) contact between them.


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